Quick Connector

A straight connector structure for high pressure use

Image: A straight connector structure for high pressure use

Nylon tube and connector engagement/seal structure O-ring seal structure with the connector fir-tree fit into a nylon tube.
Pipe and connector seal structure Seal structure with contact between exterior surface of pipe and interior surface of 2 O-rings
Pipe and connector engagement/seal structure Structure with pipe bead locked by retainer hook
Push lock structure
  • Check function which prevents work if the pipe is not in the correct position
  • Retainer structure which enables visual checks of the pipe in subsequent processes
  • Check function remains unchanged even during reassembly

* Patent acquired (Patent Registration No.: 3677681)

Performance (for diameter 8mm; normal temperature)

Seal performance 3MPa or greater
Pipe insertion force 67N or less
Pipe pull-out force 450N or greater

Push lock Quick Connector

Image: Push lock Quick Connector