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Support for Motor Sports

We are supporting several motor sports.


Toyota Racing competed in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), racing its 2013 TS030 hybrid model. Togo Seisakusyo views motor sports as a way to spread the fun, dreams and pleasure of driving a car, and we support Toyota Racing.

Le Beausset Motorsports

Le Beausset Motorsports currently competes in Japan's top formula race Super Formula. Togo Seisakusyo supports Mr. Koki Saga of Le Beausset Motorsports, a driver with great potential.

Team Land Cruiser(TLC)

Team Land Cruiser (TLC) continues to battle severe terrain as it seeks to win the Dakar Rally by racing its Land Cruiser 200. (TLC won 5 consecutive victories from 2006 to 2010). As an environmental initiative, TLC uses used cooking oil as fuel when driving through the desert. Our company also supplies waste cooking oil as biofuel.


The Dakar Rally is a severe off-road race. Hino Team Sugawara competes in the Truck Division, racing its Hino Ranger which is in the class for commercially-available vehicles with displacement of less than 10-liters. Despite competing against high-displacement monster trucks, the team has won the class for 4 straight years. Togo Seisakusyo supports Hino Team Sugawara in its quest for 5 consecutive victories.

EV Eco Club

Togo Seisakusyo competes in the World Econo Move through an EV eco car which was designed and produced by members of our company, focusing on how to improve energy efficiency. We are enjoying the challenging of increasing the efficiency of energy consumption.