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Product List

Hybrid System

  • Photo: Power Line

    Power Line

  • Photo: Choke Coil

    Choke Coil

  • Photo: Output Terminal of unit

    Output Terminal of unit


  • Photo: Clip


  • Photo: Clamp


  • Photo: Spring nut

    Spring nut

  • Photo: Formed wire springs

    Formed wire springs

  • Photo: Plug Hole

    Plug Hole

  • Photo: Fuel Filler Opening Lid Clip

    Fuel Filler Opening Lid Clip

  • Photo: Roof Moulding Clip

    Roof Moulding Clip

  • Photo: Ball Joint

    Ball Joint

  • Photo: Push Grommet

    Push Grommet

  • Photo: Weather Strip Clip

    Weather Strip Clip

  • Photo: Tolerancering


  • Photo: Outlet


Engine Related Products

  • Photo: Valve Springs

    Valve Springs

  • Photo: Variable Valve Timing

    Variable Valve Timing

  • Photo: Piston Ring Springs (Coil Springs)

    Piston Ring Springs (Coil Springs)

  • Photo: Fuel Injection System

    Fuel Injection System

  • Photo: Engine Mounting Orifice

    Engine Mounting Orifice

  • Photo: Connector


  • Photo: Quick Connector

    Quick Connector

  • Photo: Hose Clamp

    Hose Clamp

  • Photo: Snap Pin

    Snap Pin

Drivetrain Related Products

  • Photo: Return Springs

    Return Springs

  • Photo: Clutch Torsion Springs

    Clutch Torsion Springs

  • Photo: Lock Up Damper Springs

    Lock Up Damper Springs

  • Photo: Check Valve

    Check Valve


  • Photo: Pad Clip

    Pad Clip

  • Photo: Return Springs of Brake Shoes

    Return Springs of Brake Shoes

  • Photo: ABS Bobbin

    ABS Bobbin

Gas Piping

  • Photo: Hose Clamp

    Hose Clamp