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Testing Machine

Durability/Fatigue testing machine

1. Spring Fatigue Testing Machine (Rotary Type)

Tests the fatigue strength of springs (32 springs can be assessed simultaneously at a maximum speed of 1800rpm).

2. Spring Fatigue Testing Machine (Crank Type)

Tests the durability of springs.

3. Test Equipment of Cylinder Head Motoring

Uses an actual single engine head to measure the mobility of valves and the service stress of valve springs.

Corrosion Resistance Testing Machine

This machine performs corrosion testing by creating a variety of corrosive environments within a testing tank and predicting the product lifespan due to corrosion.

1. Salt Spray Testing Machine (SST Testing Machine)

Sprays a 5% saline solution inside a testing tank set at 35℃ to 50℃ and assesses the corrosion resistance of products.
(Conforms to JIS Z 2371 Methods of Neutral Salt Spray Testing standards)

2. Cyclic Corrosion Testing Machine (CCT Testing Machine)

This testing machine creates 4 independent different testing environments of salt water spray, humidification, drying and atmospheric intake, thus promoting corrosion at a greater rate than the SST testing machines.