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Drivetrain Related Products

From torque converters to hydraulic control systems, return springs for changing gears, clutch discs, shift levers and transfers, we offer a variety of products for AT (automatic transmissions), MT (manual transmissions) and CVT (continuously variable transmissions).

  • Photo: Return Springs

    Return Springs

    Used when changing gears with automatic transmissions.

    We provide the optimal shape and load for a variety of spaces.
  • Photo: Clutch Torsion Springs

    Clutch Torsion Springs

    Absorbs the shock of when changing gears with manual transmissions.

    Realizes outstanding durability and reliability through high-strength materials and high-strength processing.
  • Photo: Lock Up Damper Springs

    Lock Up Damper Springs

    Absorbs torque fluctuation during lock up of automatic transmissions.

    Realizes a low spring constant and high load through high-strength materials and high-strength processing.
  • Photo: Check Valve

    Check Valve

    Adjusts the oil flow at changing gears with clutch.

    Stable quality is ensured by using springs to adjust the oil pressure on the valve and using heat-resistant plastic.