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Engine Related Products

We provide valve springs and other springs with outstanding durability, as well as pipe fasteners for fuel, coolant (radiator/heater) and oil (power steering/brakes). All of our products feature high reliability.

  • Photo: Valve Springs

    Valve Springs

    Synchronize the engine intake/exhaust valves to the cam.

    Realizes outstanding durability and reliability through high-strength materials and high-strength processing.
  • Photo: Variable Valve Timing System

    Variable Valve Timing System

    Used in the phase mechanism of the engine camshaft and crankshaft.

    Realizes a high-quality and high-precision torsion spring.
  • Photo: Piston Ring Springs (Coil Springs)

    Piston Ring Springs (Coil Springs)

    Provides tangential load to the oil ring.

    Creates the necessary tension with minimum friction, thus supporting small-diameter sizes.
  • Photo: Fuel Injection System

    Fuel Injection System

    Precision springs are used in fuel systems.

    Realizes precise and clean products.
  • Photo: Engine Mounting Orifice

    Engine Mounting Orifice

    Absorbs and attenuates engine vibration. Prevents cavitations during large oscillation.

    Uses a mechanical assembly structure (twist-lock structure) to achieve stable strength.
  • Photo: Connector


    Manufactured on an integrated production line from pressing to insert molding.
  • Photo: Quick Connector

    Quick Connector

    Mainly used for fastening automotive piping.

    Developed with easy one-touch connect /removal system and fail safe system to prevent Improper assembly.
  • Photo: Hose Clamp

    Hose Clamp

    The hose clamps are used to connect rubber hoses to pipes. They are applied for fuel piping system, water cooling piping system (radiator/heater), hydraulic piping system (power steering and brakes), and so on. The hose clamps come in a lineup featuring diameters from 5mm to 76mm. We also offer custom design for special uses and sizes. The pre-opened type hose clamp offers easy assembly while reducing the amount of wastes and preventing the scattering of holder inside the engine compartment.

  • Photo: Snap Pin

    Snap Pin

    A retainer pin featuring easy assembly.

    We offer custom design for special uses and sizes.